August 2020

I was juried into the North of the 45th Show at the Devos Art Museum in Michigan - it is virtual because of the pandemic... click here to view online catalogue, you can vote for your favorite piece as well -

April 2020 - 

I was just awarded an Artist Learning Grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Board = Art Supplies!!!  Thank you to the McKnight Foundation who provides the funds.

Current reading


Maybe what you wanted to express isn't that compelling after all - it can be a relief to let it go. 

- David Salle

Chromophobia manifests itself in the many and varied attempts to purge colour from culture, to devalue colour, diminish its significance, deny its complexity....Colour is relegated to the realm of superficial, supplementary, inessential, cosmetic.....Colour is regarded as alien, a secondary experience; dangerous, trivial, or both.

- David Bachelor

I remember all the women art students I met who made tiny, furtive things that expressed something about their condition, including the lack of room they felt free to occupy.

- Rebecca Solnit

...colour, which I believe to be more precise because it is closer to our experience of the real world. Unstable and incalculable, it is also rich and comforting.

- Bridget Riley

Nothing is wasted when you're think it is. You always have that butt-clenching fear of "oh my god, I'm wasting my time" and then you realize quite quickly that there is no such thing. Yes, you might do stuff that you might not use, but in that process, you've discovered something.

-Thom Yorke